Hey, I’m Lindsay, and I'm a Front-End Developer who loves personalized and intuitive code.

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A little bit about me

I'm Lindsay, and I am a Front-End Developer with a background in research and design. After completing my Master of Library Science degree and working as a public librarian for several years, I missed learning so much that I began studying coding through Skillcrush. Now, I design and build clean, responsive websites that help show the world how awesome your organization is. I live in a small New Jersey city with my boyfriend, and we spend our freetime taking day trips, trying new foods, and playing Mario Galaxy.

My Work

a screenshot of my sticky-notes app


An interactive app built from scratch that allows users to create “sticky note” reminders. Built with React, this app has multiple components and includes the ability to add, delete, search, and edit.

SKILLS & TOOLS: ES6 - JSX - Managing Data Flow - DOM Manipulation - CodeSandbox
a screenshot of my hotel booking app


A hotel booking app that allows the user to filter results and find the perfect stay!

SKILLS & TOOLS: ES6 - JSX - Managing Data Flow - DOM Manipulation - CodeSandbox
a screenshot of my guess-the-word game


A game that allows users to guess a word, one letter at a time! When a player wins, a celebration message appears on the screen.

SKILLS & TOOLS: Dom Manipulation - Vanilla Javascript - GitHub
a screenshot of the website

Sandy Mains Photography

A portfolio website I built for a local photographer to help showcase her work

SKILLS & TOOLS: HTML - CSS - Media Queries


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Tech Skills

I am proficient in HTML, CSS, Flexbox, JavaScript, React, Git, data-flow management, and the command line. Currently, I'm learning Python.

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I am excellent with Github, Adobe Creative Cloud, Domain Hosting, APIs, and various text editors.

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I earned my Bachelors degree in Public Relations and my Masters in Library Science. I have completed certification in Front-End Web Development through Skillcrush and User Experience Design through Google.

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People Skills

I have spent the last few years of my career working with dozens of people a day, in both team and one-on-one settings, which helped me build excellent oral and written communication skills.

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